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AFQA was built by Compli Associates operating under the direction of an Advisory Board composed of representatives from Fuel Ethanol producers, Fuel Ethanol Industry Associations, Auditing Bodies, and Compli Associates, acting as the author and on-going Official Registrar of the Program.

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AFQA is a comprehensive, practical, and cost-effective quality assurance program. The document dossier that makes up the AFQA Program is composed of the following programs, all of which are required for FSMA compliance:

Current Good Manufacturing (cGMP) SOPs

Animal Food Safety Plan


Plant, Grounds, and Sanitation

Water Supply and Plumbing

Equipment and Utensils

Plant Operations

Mycotoxin Management

Holding and Distribution

Hazard Analysis and Risk Based Preventative Controls Plan

Recall Plan

Training Plan

Verification Policy

Reanalysis Policy

Record Keeping Policy

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